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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm Alive

I feel that it is absolutely ridiculous that I haven't posted anything on this blog since September 3rd.  I could give you any number of excuses and the sad truth of the matter is that I simply don't have time for much anymore.

I started my Sophomore year of high school in late August, and this year has been a HUGE adjustment.  I have a lot more homework than I did last year - almost every subject every night.  I have a lot of other responsibilities that I didn't have last year.  Almost every weekend since school started I've had something going on.  Whether it's been a family obligation or homecoming or something to honor Jimmy or other soldiers.  It's definitely been crazy the past month and a half.  I haven't even had much time to read. 

As a result, this blog has fallen onto a back burner.  I also have had to make sacrifices in my writing, that I'm not very happy about.  I have been writing more poetry than anything for this reason.  I would rather be writing Catch Me, but it's better to write something than nothing.   I need to really figure out how to find time for writing because it is really bothering me that I can't fit it in.  The longer I stay away, the more my writing skills tend to diminish until I get back into the swing of actually writing. 

Alas, I still have homework to finish so I will end this post now.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.

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