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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

The twelfth book I read this year was SPIRIT BOUND by Richelle Mead.  This is the fifth book in the Vampire Academy series, so it's going to be tricky to review this book without giving away what happens in other books.  Therefore, this review is really going to suck.  But here we go.

This book picks up a short time after where the fourth book leaves off.  Rose is taking her trials to become an official guardian.  After completing her trials, she sets off of the journey she promised herself would be the last one that would end everything that she'd left unfinished.  Rose takes her best friend, Lissa, who, she can tell, doesn't really want to go with her, but Lissa already promised her that she would stick with her on this.  Throughout the journey, Rose and Lissa gather up a few more people to help them out and they were fervently on trying to accomplish the one thing that will complete Rose's mission - although it may be a lost cause.  All they can do is hope it works.

When the time comes to use said one thing, something happens and people don't believe it.  They keep someone locked up because they are still scared of said person.  Then some stuff happens and people try to figure things out and at the end...well, nothing works out like it was supposed to. 

I really can't say any more than I already have and I'm aware that this review really sucks, but I refuse to ruin a series for someone because this is the 5th out of 6 books.  But you should read the series!

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jackson Pearce SIGNING!

Last night my friend, my dad, and myself attended a book signing as the 10th stop of the "Smart Chicks Kick It" tour.  There were six authors in attendance, but I went for one in particular.  The lovely Jackson Pearce of course!  I was so excited when I saw that Jackson Pearce was coming to Ohio - not that far away from me either - because that meant I could possibly talk my parents into taking me.  It's far easier to do this than to try to convince them to take me to Georgia to go to a book signing/ book release for said author.  Trust me, I've tried.

I already had a copy of As You Wish and Sisters Red signed by Jackson from when I won the May Contest prize.  However, I also had a first printing of As You Wish that didn't have Jackson's lovely John Hancock.  So I took this book with me to the signing and also bought a book by another author that was there. 

The book signing started out with swag being given away and Q&A and things like that.  They also did a raffle which you could win a big thing of swag...but I didn't have a ticket.  I thought that was the only thing the ticket was for.  Turns out, no, you needed a ticket to get in line to get your book(s) signed.  So my dad had to go buy one.  We arrived at the book store around 6pm, the signing started at 7pm.  I was there an hour early and we ended up with ticket #70 out of 70.  That was great.  It was like 9-9:30 by the time I finally got to have Jackson sign my book and talk to her.  It was kinda cool because as she was talking to me, she just goes "Oh, are you Hanna *******?"  which made me feel all special.  I made a shirt for the event (not posting pictures because I messed the back up because I forgot the 'c' in protect.) the front said:  "Special enough to make a Jinn fall in love."  and the back said: "Scarlett's Motto: Act like a dragonfly, Hunt like me, and always protect Silas and Rosie" (a Muhammad Alli parody.)  Oh, Jackson posted a picture of the front of my shirt HERE...you know, after taking a video of it.  ;)

It was so worth it standing in that line and waiting to meet Jackson Pearce.  I've always been a fan of hers - since before her first book came out when I found her on YouTube.  You know, I always say that Twilight is my favorite book because it changed me in a way that only one book can, it made me want to read and write.  And I always say that Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author because she unintentionally made that change in me.  However, I'd really have to say that Jackson Pearce and Leanna Renee Hieber are more my favorite than Stephenie Meyer because after meeting them, they're just how I expected them.  So down to earth and very interacting with fans.  I mean, some authors can't transition out of their world that they've created, and sometimes that can make some authors kinda scary.  But Jackson Pearce is so her own person and no amount of fame or compliments or anything like that could change her.  It's just really good to see that good people who have good ideas and good personalities actually do get published, which is very inspiring.  The fact that Jackson can stay level-headed and not get a big head from writing such AMAZING books, it just really goes to show you what kind of people actually write the books you love.  It's like my friend and I realized last night; When I fall in love with a book, I don't just fall in love with the characters.  I fall in love with the story, the back-story, the characters, the plot, everything that went into it, and the author.  I guess I've really realized in the past that not many people take time to research the author of the book they're reading.  They might read the author bio or check out their website, but never really take the time to appreciate the author for writing a book that they so enjoyed.  So, Jackson:

If you ever have the chance to read Jackson's book, definitely do.  And if you ever have the chance to go to a book signing for her, most definitely go.  You will not regret it.  You will have a great time, I promise!

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired aka Hanna

Oh!  P.S. My cousin and her husband are having a baby boy!  Because you all totally care:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank You

The past two weeks of my life have been indescribably the worst of my life that I can remember.  And they are indirectly a result of this day.  9-11. 

Nine years ago today two planes were flown into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and one went down in a Pennsylvania field.  Hundreds of people were killed, and we still mourn them.  This year I didn't have time to put together a tribute, which is something I feel extremely horrible about, but seeing the pictures of that day just makes me want to throw up. 

Nine years later we are at war as a result of these attacks.  The combat troops have been pulled out of Iraq, but the war still ranges in Afghanistan.  I thought that I knew well enough the cost of war, having my cousin, Jimmy, fight twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan.  On August 28th, 2010 I discovered I hadn't even scratched the surface of just how much the war effects me.  August 28th, 2010 was the worst day of my life that I can remember.  Because on this day Heaven decided that they needed my hero. 

I'd like to take a minute to say thank you to each and every person who has lost their life defending our country or in the event of an enemy attack, such as 9-11.  As I said in my speech at Jimmy's services, people always say that freedom isn't free, but I never imagined it could cost this much.

As an insufficient thank you - to Jim and to every other fallen hero - I'd like to share with you all a poem I wrote for Jim on September 3, 2010.

"A Heart Forever at Half-Mast"

All gave some
Some gave all.
You fell into the latter
It's not fair -
Though I guess it never is.
So much to live for
So much to die for
When does one out-weigh the other?

Where is the line drawn
Between dutiful service
And inhumane violence?
Where do we reach the point
When we say "No more"
When we agree that enough's enough
And bring you home
And we find a better way to do this?

Heroes fall
And families mourn
We carry on your legacy
And cling tight to your honor.
Is there a time
When we stop crying?
When we can speak your name without pain?
When our hearts are no longer at half-mast?

You are my hero
And so I say
Thank you
For serving
For protecting
For being brave and strong
For being my cousin.

People calling night and day
Even a Purple Heart
And we can't even be happy for you.
Yes, we all gave some,
But you gave all.

"The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten"

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I appologize for the lack of posting.  This past week has been hard on me and my family.  Writing hasn't seemed important, and there's really nothing I want to talk about with the general public.  Both of my blogs have taken a back seat, for now.  I'm not sure when I will be back to somewhat regular posts, maybe at the end of this coming week or shortly there after.  I just ask that you understand that I need some time to get through this...impossible hardship.