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"We must overcome the notion that we must be regular...it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My book is not a book. . .

So this post is actually going to be about writing (shocking)!  More specifically, Writer's Block - seeing as how this is about the only connection I've had to writing in a little over a month (except for a few poems - one of which I wish I had had more time to perfect before I gave it to a certain someone...ooops).  Anyway, this is how my Writer's Block usually goes, and so I present to you

Writer's Block : A Day in the Life Of

Intentions: I'm going to wake up really early in the morning so that I can get a head start on Writing.

Reality: Alarm goes off, the snooze button is hit repeatedly so that I end up getting up about normal time (on weekends).  Realizing that I'm already running behind, I turn on the TV and find Kitchen Nightmares.  I watch it for a couple hours and then realize "Okay, I'm really not doing anything productive other than making myself wish I could cook."

*Gets off couch and goes upstairs to sit at computer.

Intentions:  Sit here, with wifi button turned off until I write something. 

Reality:  After about ten minutes, I turn the wifi back on and get onto Facebook and stalk people who have way more interesting of lives than I do.  After browsing around there for about an hour, I again scold myself into doing something else that can be considered productive.

*Leaves computer and picks up a book*

Intentions:  This book will give me some inspiration to write and I'll see that it's possible and that I can do it.

Reality: After reading a chapter or two of a book, I find myself close to tears thinking to myself "OH MY GOD. I SUCK! MY WRITING WILL NEVER BE LIKE THIS!  MY BOOK ISN'T A BOOK! IT'S A WORD DOCUMENT AND IT DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE TO ANYTHING I READ - NO MATTER HOW CRAPPY THE BOOK IS!"

*Although rather upset, I continue to read because, let's face it, the book I'm reading is more interesting than the one I'm writing and reading the one that's already written is a lot easier than forming a plot line, developing characters, and trying to throw some literary elements in there somewhere.*

A couple hours later you realize it's getting late.  You remember that night time is your peak writing hours, so you sit back down at your computer.

Intentions:  Make yourself write and just pretend to feel inspired.

Reality:  Hello, Facebook. 

But hey, writing statuses and comments still counts as writing.

. . . right?


Anonymous said...

Hanna--I was cleaning out our computer desk and found your website scribbled on a piece of paper and decided to visit you. I'm glad that you're still reading/writing! I have always been a reader-I think it's the best hobby. I am in a book club and we have been reading some interesting (and some not quite so interesting) books. We read The Hunger Games earlier this year then I saw the movie with Grace.
Keep up the good work! Mrs. F

Hanna said...

@Mrs. F, that's funny! Grace was telling me about your guys' book club in writing class last semester. I miss having time to read as much as I used to haha. Thanks! :)