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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding the Time to Write

Today's post is actually a bit ironic seeing as though it's something I really struggle with.  Writing is sometimes very hard to fit into a schedule, especially when it's not your primary responsibility.  Being in school, I find it really hard to write most days.  If homework isn't taking up my whole evening, by the time I'm done with my homework, I don't really want to write - the same way I often don't want to sit and read after doing homework.  So what is a girl left to do? 

Sometimes, I literally just have to sit down and force myself to write.  However, these sessions usually result in absolute crap in the form of a word document.  But sometimes it's the only way to push through and get through the terror that is the first draft.

And I like that I'm writing about procrastination in writing when I'm only three weeks into this and I'm already missing deadlines.

Anyway, so basically I just have to use ANY time I can find to write.  Study hall when I have nothing else to do -  I actually hand write it(!) - and if I have a couple of minutes here and there to add anything to my word document (which is almost always open). 

Long story short:  Write when you can.  If you have breaks from work, use those to their full advantage.  I know, life gets busy when your only break is a weekend.  Trust me, I know.  But luckily, as a student, I have three free months to write.  Unless, you know, I actually get a job.  Think my parents will accept writing as my occupation for the time being? :) 

See ya next Tuesday!

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