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Friday, February 18, 2011

Love You

So let me tell you about this amazing guy I have in my life.  He's amazingly supportive, always is there to listen to me, will tell me the truth when I need to hear it, has taught me a lot of important things, and has introduced me to the lifestyle I have now - as well as introduced me to a new hobby and passion.  He always answers my texts and has been my texting buddy for quite some time now.  He's an amazing guy that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  And today's his birthday.

My beloved Uncle Chris turns the big five-oh today! 

My Uncle has believed in me since he first discovered that I was writing.  He since then has inspired me to continue writing what I feel and in the past six months has pushed me to start writing again after having taken a half-year off after losing my cousin, his son, in Afghanistan.  And I figure that today, being that it is my "cheer-leader's" birthday, it's as good of day as any to announce that in ten days - February 28th, 2011 - I will begin writing once again.  It will make half a year since SGT Jimmy was killed in action and I figure that it's time I get a part of me back that I've so desperately been searching for. 

Although I will not be continuing Solace - or at least, not right now - I will be starting a new project that has a very personal essence to it and that I'm very eager to start.  I feel that this project, which - obviously, knowing me - doesn't yet have a title, will bring closure in a way and hopefully help me keep some of the promises I've made in the past.  And while I cannot tell you much about it, I really want to tell you guys.  We'll just say for now that My Strong Soldier will live on through this project and that since he was the inspiration for Solace, he deserves a story of his own now. 

Uncle Chris, Happy 50th Birthday.  I cannot wait to give you your present, and I also cannot wait to give you draft after draft of this project to read.  Thank you, for everything, Biker Dude.

Much love,

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