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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So for those of you who have been following this blog for a over a year, I have some long over-due news. 

If you recall, in October of 2009 I went to Washington DC as part of the 8th grade trip with my school.  Well, Sunday I finally dropped off my disposable cameras to be developed - it's about time, right?  I haven't seen any of these pictures, obviously, so I'm uber excited to see what they turn out to be.  I'm really hoping I got some cool pictures of Arlington and other patriotic places.  I tried to, but I'm just really hoping they turn out.  It seems like such a long time ago that I went to DC, hopefully the pictures will bring back a lot of memories, some that I most likely may have forgotten.

So I'm really excited and whenever I get them back I'll try to scan the coolest ones and post them here.  I should be picking them up on Saturday. 


Hope you guys had a better Tuesday than I did.  Kid Rock got his adjectives reversed for Monday and Tuesday in this song:

If you guys haven't bought this albulm, you should.  It's much better than his other stuff, in my opinion. 

Much love,

p.s. HAPPY SPRING!!  Spring's off to a pretty good start for me - how about you guys?


Kristin said...

I still have all of the pictures from my 8th grade trip to DC. Basically, they consist of a lot of bad fashion choices on everyone's part and quite a few things that I can't remember why I thought it was picture-worthy! I must have thought they were going to be amazing because it was crucial that I get them developed in an hour before I went back to school.

I love DC! My brother lives there and we're probably going to take Evelyn there for her first trip. I'm sure she will appreciate all of the historical significance.

Spring is off to a great start for me, too! The warm weather has cheered me up and made this last week before Spring Break much more bearable. I'm excited for a week off especially since my brother will be here this weekend (he's been in Pakistan for the past few weeks for work).

Sorry that my comment is about as long as your blog post. Just wanted to let you know that I read everything you post!

Hanna said...

I'm sure a lot of my pictures weren't picture worthy either. I know I for sure have one of Dorothy's red slippers b/c at the time my little sister loved the Wizard of Oz. Those shoes are such a let-down in real life, lol.

Your brother's name is Max, right? Like the action figure? Or am I making this up? lol

And I LOVE comments. :) Thanks!

Kristin said...

Close - his name is Matt. We did think it was kind of cool that there was an action figure that *almost* had his name, lol.

Hanna said...

I guess that's what I was thinking lol.