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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break (so far)

(They finally got Jim's stone set last Monday night. It's amazingly beautiful)

Today is my first official day of spring break and it has been very eventful thus far.

This morning we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center and saw "Tornado Alley" in omnimax.  It was really cool and based off of the show "Storm Chasers", which I've always enjoyed watching.  When we bought our tickets yesterday online, I knew that the guy from the show, Sean Casey, and his Tornado Intercept Vehicle (the TIV) were going to be at the CMC, which excited me greatly.  If you don't remember, I'm a geek and have odd fandom moments...like when I met the weather-man.  When I finally got up to meet him and got to see the TIV all up-close and personal, I was kind of freaking out inside.  Then I got to take a picture with HIM in front of the TIV and I mean, he wasn't shy about posing with you at all.  So as he had his arm around me, and I him, I was thinking in my mind Oh. My.  God.  Sean Casey.  From "Storm Chasers".  Next to me.  Arm around me.  OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod.  And then it was over, but I got a poster signed by him and the TIV meteorologist.  Which is hanging on my wall. :)

When we were on our way there, though, there was a really bad accident where a guy was just driving along and a semi truck's wheel crossed over the median and crashed into his window, killing him.  Traffic was horrible, but you know, a lot of times we don't stop to think about what's causing the traffic.  The only thing that we think about is how long we've basically been sitting still, how late we're going to be to wherever we're going or how mad someone will be at us if we are late.  And I'll admit I'm guilty of this too.  And so when I heard what had happened while still sitting in traffic it really struck me.  You know, that could have been us.  Had we gotten on the highway about an hour earlier, it could have been us.  Going into a day, you have no idea what is going to happen.  And that's scary.  But you also never know what the people around you are going through.  The man killed was twenty-two.

As we continued our drive, I looked around at all the old houses and wondered about random things.  This might be creepy, but I think about the people who live there and the people who have lived there and what their story is.  Especially if we pass an old cemetery - I think a lot about the people who are buried there.  The graves you can hardly read anymore probably intrigue me the most.  It's kind of sad to think that these people probably had family come visit their grave often when they first died, now they probably get no visitors.  It's odd to think that after we're gone, life continues to go on, until eventually no one on this planet knows you existed. 

On a happier note, my cousins came over after I got home from the CMC.  I made macaroni art for my cousin Johnny's birthday and so he, his fiancee, and their son came over and stayed for a little over an hour.  Always love to see them.

Hope everybody's spring is off to a good start!

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