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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life in the '80s...

This week was spirit week at school, well the three days we actually had of it.  Wednesday was tye-dye day, and I've realized that I no longer have any tye-dye shirts that fit.  When did I out-grow tye-dye?  Thursday was crazy sock day, so obviously, I showed up in my colorful, striped, toe-sock glory.  (It was also twin day, but I didn't dress like anyone.)  Today was '80s day, and so I dressed as if from the '80s.  *Not as an actress meant to be Robert Pattinson's wife--but that was a pretty amazing compliment.* We also had an '80s dance after school, which was a snooze fest, save for some of the teachers dancing to Michael Jackson's THRILLER.  I have to say, I appreciate his music a lot more now that I've learned that he wasn't totally a freak.  He was so talented, but so surrounded by sadness.  RIP MJ.

Okay...I really thought I'd have more to say than this. 

So let's talk about writing a bit, after all what's the name of this site? 

First off, my reading and writing teacher has read chapters one through eleven in my novel--and she didn't realize that it wasn't a finished draft, so she had a lot of questions.  But I'm not so sure what she thought about it.  I'm kind of worried about giving her chapter twelve, just because it introduces and makes a new character who is really...not a nice guy.  But, I'm hoping to finish chapter fourteen by Monday so I can give her twelve, thirteen, and fourteen.

Secondly, inspiration.  So, Mr. Brunk gave me these pretty amazing pictures from his trip to England.  These pictures included Tower Bridge, some Cathedral, Big Ben, down town London, a mote from a castel, the ocean taken from the bottom of the castel grounds (picture at the top of the blog), and his three-wheeled car he used while he was there.  *Which I won't post due to the fact there's a liscens plate on it.*  Anyway, the pictures were really inspirational to me and kind of reminded me of who I was and why I write.  Where I come from and how lucky I am to be where I am.  I really want to get back to writing now, and Hallie and Edward may have to take a trip to England at some point, just because of these pictures.  *I might have to as well...*

Above is a picture of London Bridge on the left, compared to a bridge in Hamilton, Ohio on the right.  London Bridge isn't really anything special--it just has a plaque on both ends.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With eternal love and blessings,

Officially Inspired
*OMG my blog name actually fits this article!*

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