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Friday, February 5, 2010


OMG! Seriously? I haven't posted since January 23rd?!? Today is February 5th!! (Which means book club should be today...but it's not.)

I'm so sorry for my absence, I've had a lot going on since Mike agreed to do the interview. *Uhhh...doesn't that mean I have something to blog about?* So without further delay, I give you my boring life recap.

Report cards came out and I got strait A's, surprisingly since I got a C on my science exam. I got a lamp for my room. There was a death in my family and so I was out of town all night Tuesday and just really didn't feel like blogging. I saw Jimmy for the last time before he ships out last Sunday. Jimmy ships out tomorrow. :'( I had a snow day today, and the roads are just now getting bad. My Power of the Pen (yes the one from a month ago--'member the one that got snowed out? Twice) that I was supposed to have tomorrow has been cancelled due to snow. And I cancelled book club because of the POP meet, but now it's because of weather. Plus, I couldn't get through the book--but hey, it's the first time and at least I made the attempt. Unlike some other times some people have failed to do so. Oh, and we got a new car! It's a Ford Flex and it is AMAZING!

In other news, I am a new found fan of Chris Crutcher. He is an amazing author with some pretty awful language, but his books are wonderful! My dad told me to watch Jerry McGuire this morning...he kinda overlooked that it was rated R...ooops. ;) It was good though. Dear John comes out today! I really want to see it! The Lightning Thief movie comes out a week from today! Can't wait!

Well, I must go write. A really huge scene is coming up and I just can't get myself there. *hangs head*

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

*Above is a picture my awesome cousin, Brent, sent me from his trip to Tennessee!*

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