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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay and 1st day

Hey, that rhymes.

As everyone should know, Mockingjay (the third and final instalment in the Hunger Games trilogy) comes out  TODAY!  So, umm, Walmart, if you're listening, I'd really like you to get new popular releases in your stores on the day it comes out.  It's really a pain and an inconvenience to drive for a half hour to 45 minutes to a Barnes and Noble or Borders.  (Hint:  Books are cheaper at B&N, especially if you have a discount.  Borders over-prices things.)  So if you could please take this into consideration, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks ever-so much. 

Another thing (which you may or may not know) is that today was my first day of the scary, crazy, big world that is High School.  Most of my peers were so excited to be there, to be starting in this world of freedom, and I kind of got the feeling that I was the only one that was nervous and scared more than excited and pumped.  Everybody was kind of looking forward to beginning their high school careers, but I really just wanted to jump off of the bus at the Junior High and see how long it took for people to notice me.  (By the way, if any of my Jr High teachers are reading this, I MISS YOU GUYS!  PLEASE TAKE ME BACK!)  Today wasn't so bad, I guess, but tomorrow all of the upperclassmen will be there, so that may be scary.

In other news, I really don't have anything else to talk about tonight.  I'll just talk to you guys later, I'm sleepy. 

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