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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Oh my gosh, guys.  I cannot believe that it's August already.  Where has the summer gone?  It's like after the 4th of July, summer zips by and suddenly you'll find yourself sitting in school once again.  Although, I still have like 22 days before that happens.  Still, it seems like no time at all.  Here's to hoping the summer goes by slowly from here on out!

Wednesday is my dad's birthday, which means we've been celebrating.  Last night we went to my favorite pizza place ever with three of my cousins, and tonight we're celebrating with some other family.  We got an ice cream cake for tonight.  Wish I hadn't gotten that ice cream cone when we got the cake.  Now I'm feeling kinda sick.  Guess I'm not like my Uncle in that regard. ;)

The other night I decided to disconnect from the Internet, turn the TV and radio off, turn off all lights except for two of the five on my lamp (and my nightlight - never turn that one off.  If I do, it doesn't turn back on.) and write.  For an hour.  Uninterrupted.  It went well except for people deciding to text me.  Of all of the times of the day.  9:40-10:40 was the time they wanted to talk.  Next time I'm turning my phone off too.  Anyway, this really worked.  I ended up finishing chapter 19 and began chapter 20.  How long can you go on feeling like you accomplished something without realizing you haven't been doing anything productive since?  Three days too much?

Anyway, I would suggest doing this.  It's fun, in a way.  I felt like a writer for the first time in a long time.  If I end up moving my room to the basement when my sister gets a bit older, I will demand an 'office room' to be built onto my room, though.  It's kind of distracting (and sometimes helpful) to have Robert Pattinson starring at you when you're trying to write.  And pictures of my cousin Jimmy on my desk, and my cousin Brent that's on my wall behind me.  The pictures of Leanna Renee Hieber from the newspaper, though, those are helpful.  And not only because it reminds me that her ghosts are going to come and get me if I stop writing.  :D

Well, dear readers, I am going to end this post. 

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

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Carly Gaile said...

Sound like a fun night :) A good idea.