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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because we're arguing...

Because at the present moment, I hear my family in the other room arguing about how to say 'crayon' I decided it was a good excuse to post my thoughts.

You see, I have a three year old sister and my mom has ruined her chances of ever saying 'crayon' the correct way. They both say it 'crown', which is wrong in so many ways. A CRAY-ON is not by an means a crown.  They are completely different things.  You do not wear a CRAY-ON on your head, and the Queen of England not given a CRAY-ON to mark her royalty. Now, I'm very well aware that in the English language not a whole lot of our words make sense as to how they sound if you look at how they're spelled.  However, crayon is a word that makes perfectly good sense.  Two syllables that sound exactly as they should. CRAY-ON. 

It's CRAY-ON people, not crown. CRAY-ON.

(this reminds me a lot of the "Ban the Banana" post I did a while back...)

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