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Thursday, September 17, 2009

D.C. & Health...

Hey readers! How are you today? I'm okay, thanks, my cold's almost gone! Yay! Anyway, I don't have much to talk about today, so this should be a pretty quick post. Should.
So, first off, I'm going to Washington D.C. next month--which I'm totally excited about! I can't wait to go, because I'll get to see so much history and it'll be a great experience, and that in itself is enough. But...my school's having an essay contest with the prompt "Why do you want to honor the soldiers who have paid the ultimate price and those willing to do so?" And if you win, you get to participate in the ceremony of placing the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! How...amazing would that be? I still have 13 days to work on it, so I'm hoping that'll be enough time to make it all shiny and the best I can make it. Wish me luck!

Secondly, I usually love Health class--I have been loving it. But it's going to kill me tomorrow. We're doing...physical testing. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not very physical, and therefore, I'm not in the best shape...so I'm not looking forward to 5th period tomorrow. We have to do sit-ups, pull-ups, jumps, steps, and that kind of thing. Most of which I can't do. At all. Ugh, I hope I live through it...and without embarrassing myself.

Thirdly, (because I just thought to add this), revisions are actually starting to pick up! I'm on chapter five, but I'm really liking how...cautious it is. It's just completely different than what I originally wrote, but it's so much better! Or at least in my opinion. ;) No, I'm not biased at all...

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With eternal love and blessings,
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