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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker

This is the fifth book I've read this year and abso-freaking-loutley loved it!  I had already read it once, but I totally forgot the whole plot and how wonderful the whole book was!  It's not a popular book, but I think it deserves much more attention than it gets.  To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker.  This book kept me guessings and kept me turning pages!  I picked it up one Saturday morning and by two in the afternoon had already read over half.  Throughout that night, I hardly put the book down!  Here's a little bit of a summary.

The novel starts off with Annalisa's boat being attacked by pirates.  Her father was given a large sum of money to create a port on an otherwise deserted island, but when Red Kelly and his crew, which happens to include the oh-so-handsome James Sterling, ransack the ship and take the coins, the king suspects that Mr. Townsend is involved with piracy and throws him in jail.

A year later, Annalisa is back on the high seas determined to find the treasure that James Sterling had taken.  Sterling, however, had not only taken the treasure but also a worthless ring of hers and a kiss from her.  Her first mate, Nathaniel, is totally in love with her, and she knows he's a reasonable choice, but she doesn't return the feelings.  Anna finally finds Sterling and while he's on the ship, she finds herself falling for him.  He's already stolen once from her, and now he has stolen her heart.

But what if betrayl was right around the corner?  After all, once a pirate, always a pirate...

4.5/5 Stars!  The only reason this didn't get the full five is that it got a little slow at parts, but never slow enough to make me stop reading!

p.s. The author of this novel used a pen name because it was a different book than her other series.  Jade Parker and Lorraine Heath are also known as Rachel Hawthorne.

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