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Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Ben and big news!

In math class we have been constructing famous buildings using scale factors and so my group chose to make a scale model of Big Ben.  It looks AMAZING!  From the detail, the water, Houses of Parlament, down to the flag and the boat on the river that holds my group members and I (Oh, and of course Robert Pattinson).  We even have chimes!  *And Robert Pattinson proposing to me.*  We present on Monday, so pictures are to come!  (And I really mean it this time--not like with my D.C. pictures that I've yet to get printed...) picture above is a picture of me from D.C. in front of the Capital Building.

I've had a few exciting things happen to me this week--but I don't think they'll be that exciting to you, but I'll tell you anyway.  *Whoever's listening...* First, Jimmy is coming home in April on leave--which is great!  But that means it'll be even longer before he comes home for good from that visit.  Secondly, I got a reply from Mike Pelfrey (remember my post about him?  If not, click HERE) and it was a responce to the questions I asked and he also gave me a few inspiring words to never give up--which was amazing!  THANKS MIKE!  And his grandpa, Harry, even wrote me a little note.  Thirdly,  Kaleb Nation released the cover for his second book, Bran Hambric:  The Spector Key, out late 2010!  It's amazing!  Fourthly, Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead comes out Thursday, March 18th!  Fithly, Alice in Wonderland comes out in theaters today!  Sixthly, I didn't place at Power of the Pen last Friday, but I did make regionals! Which is amazing!  Finally, my awesome reading and writing teacher just informed me today that Leanna Renee Hieber will be coming to my school in April!  OMA!  *jumps*

All that information that you don't even care about... ;)

If anyone's listening--let me know, okay? 

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With eternal love and blessings,

Officially Inspired

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