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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber

The eleventh book I read this year was THE DARKLY LUMINOUS FIGHT FOR PERSEPHONE PARKER by the lovely LEANNA RENEE HIEBER.

This review is really gonna suck.  It seems the more I love the book, the harder it is to review.  And especially with the fact that this book is the second in the series, it's hard to review knowing that I'm going to give some things away about the first book (The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker).

The books starts off directly where the last one left off.  I'll just paste the email I sent to Leanna to show you how epic I found this book:


I just finished your wonderful second novel! OH. MY. GOD! Leanna, I absolutely love it! Now I know why you justified at my school a month ago that if you had to kill a character it was okay because you wrote about ghosts.

I think I cried more when Alexi cried than when ______ died. Leanna...I don't know what to say. And Percy's ________! And Michael and Rebbecca! And Elijah and Josie! And Alexi... my God, Alexi! I love him!

I loved the whole book and I'm so sorry that it took me four whole weeks to finish it! I feel so bad, but now I cannot wait for "A Midwinter Fantasy"! *I loved the foreshadowing by Percy in relation to the upcoming novel, by the way.*

I don't know what else to say except, I LOVE YOU! You're such a great writer and your books are amazing! I'm so proud of you and you're such an inspiration! God Bless you!

Love always,

As you could probably tell, I have a very hard time putting this book to words.  I think what I liked most about this book is that Percy definitely has more of a backbone in this book than she did in the first.  And as much as I love strong characters, I think Percy needed to be somewhat weaker in the first book so that you could see the change in her.  In book two, Percy is more willing to take risks to help and save the ones she loves.  She doesn't quite understand who she is, but she's learning and accepting it all at once.  Alexi is a great help to her, as well. 

The Guard openly welcome her.  The Headmistress, of course, is a bit jealous, but she'd never admit it. 

The language in this book is fabulous!  It will make you not only feel like you're in Victorian London, but also WISH you were there and could have a permanent residence there.

I cannot praise this series enough!  Seriously, go read these books!  I promise you, there's something for everyone in this Strangely Beautiful world!!!!!

I rate this book 5/5 stars!!

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

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