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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday= Reading and Writing (and hmwk...)

Hey there dear readers!  Sorry for the lack of posts!  I really haven't had anything to update you on.  My life has been pretty slow.  Except Stephenie Meyer was on Oprah Friday!  Which was AMAZING!  I DVR'ed it!  Oh, and Veterans' Day was Wednesday!  I always love celebrating that!

So, today I think I'm going to go see/ride some horses!  I'm super excited!  I love horses, but it's way to expensive to indulge in lessons or even buying on.  But we have five acres so we would have room for at least a miniture, right? ;)  I'll post pictures if I end up going.

I began reading A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O'Reilly and so far it's pretty good and humorous.  (I'm only on the introduction.) My grandpa is a huge O'Reilly fan, so he wants me to read it, too.  But if I'm reading this, it must mean I finished Catching Fire!  And I did, on Friday.  AMAZING BOOK!

Book fair is this week at school, and since I work in the Library during my study hall, I get a 20% discount!  Which means more books for me!! I'm buying like five. :D

I've recently gotten over my Writer's Block, so last night I was very pleased with what I wrote--even though it's the main intro to a character who's a real jerk.

But, alas, I have homework that needs done.  Paraphrasing for the most part--for a report.  But that's taken me a while, but I need to do it.  Science and Health hmwk isn't due until Tuesday, so I suppose I should not worry about it unless I have time to do it...but perhaps I should just get it over with...

I guess that's about it.

Oh wait!  This comes out on DVD in the U.S. on Tuesday!->

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

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