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Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's official - I FAIL as a blogger.

So, I went to see Eclipse at midnight on Wednesday morning / Tuesday night.  And I didn't even blog about it!  FAIL!

This time, I decided to leave all cameras at home, so I have no footage of my amazing time at the movies.  But I do have the memory of how good that movie was.  I'm sure you've seen the commercial about 'It's the best Twilight yet', which when I saw, I thought to myself 'well, that's not saying a whole lot'.  But it truly is - and I think my expectations for Breaking Dawn (parts 1 and 2) are now set really high because Eclipse was so amazing.

The action was amazing - the vampire speeds unbelievable - and sitting in the front row, center (again) made me feel like I was in Forks with the Cullens and my beloved Edward Cullen.  Charlie, Bella's dad, steals the show once again in two scenes.  One, when they're having 'the talk' and two when jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella.  However, that scene was pretty funny.  There was just enough pause inbetween each line for movie-goers to laugh.

My friend thought this movie was a little rushed, and however it might have been a little bit.  But I like it that way because they didn't really leave anything out. 

It's just a really good movie - possibly one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I've seen.  If you haven't seen it - go see it.  Even if you haven't seen the other Twilight movies, go see  it.

Oh, and I won this for knowing the answer to "Where did Stephenie Meyer go to college and what was her major?"

Anyone know?


jpereztheargus said...

Another contest win?!

Someone needs to go to Vegas, stat!

P.S. What does gorgeous look like? Answer: Jacob Black.

Hanna said...

@JP that's just gross - not the fact u like guys, that's fine. But the fact you like jacob black? Ewwe!! Edward Cullen is soooo much better!

Anonymous said...

BYU or Brigham young university on salt lake city Utah

And English was her major!

Anonymous said...

BYU or Brigham young university on salt lake city Utah

English was the major!

Hanna said...

Correct! Is this my cousin Katie by chance?