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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Robert Pattinson, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Everything Else fans unite!

So, if you haven't already heard, the Harry Potter Alliance is in 3rd place for a running that wins it a bunch of money - but they need first place to win. 

What the plan is is to get every Rob fan, Twi-hard, HP fan, and any other fan to go HERE and vote.  Now, I am unable to vote due to the fact that I do not have a facebook.  However, if u do, please go and vote.  If not for yourself, for me.  I think it's a great thing they're doing.  And here's more info about it.

First, this is a video from YouTube Phenomenon and bestselling author, John Green:

Secondly, this is a post directly from http://www.robertpattinson.org/ talking about it.

Fans are awesome. You know it. We know it. But what you may not know is that in the past few years, fans of everything from Twilight to Harry Potter to True Blood and more have raised tons of money for different charities.

But what if we united? What if all the fans of all the different stories out there united to help the world? Our friends at the Harry Potter Alliance (who happen to be big Twilight fans as well) want to do just that as they work to form the first ever United Fan Coalition where fans of ALL KINDS (beyond Harry Potter) celebrate the stories, movies, and artists they love by helping the world.

Robert Pattinson fans are some of the most devoted and passionate people out there, with the numbers and the heart to make a difference in a big way! Imagine what Robert Pattinson fans could accomplish if we joined up with other fans to support literacy and raise money for charity. Rob himself has done wonderful things for charity in the past, and many Twilight fans have followed his example before now.

You can make a big difference with only a few seconds of your time. The HP Alliance is in 3rd place to win $250,000 which will help us all do more to get books to children in need, and save lives through raising money for charities.

To vote, CLICK HERE, press the green “Get started to vote” button, hit “Like” (if you haven’t already), and then press “Vote now.” Encourage your friends and other fans to vote too!

It’s a ridiculously simple way to help a great cause and honor the twilight actors (and the characters they play) who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. Thanks for the support!

I think this could really make a difference to a lot of people, so please go and vote!  I know how much reading changed my life, and if it weren't for Twilight, I probably wouldn't be writing this right now - heck, I probably never would have written anything.  Knowing that some kids aren't as fortunate as I am to have books to read and smell and love makes me feel bad and I really just want to help them out.  And this is a simple way that only take a few seconds.  Now, I know I sound like one of those sappy people from those commercials about hungry kids across the nation, but I'm begging you to please help out this charity.  I also am very well aware of what Stephenie Meyer and Robert Pattinson have done for me, without even knowing I'm alive.  They've given me so much, and perhaps in their honor I could pay them back a bit.  There are several other people that come to mind that have helped form me as a writer and a person - Leanna Renee Hieber, for example.  So I'm adding Strangely Beautiful fans to the list too.  Let's do this together, guys!  I feel bad since I can't vote, because people know I'm a die-hard twi-hard and I absolutely adore Robert Pattinson (perhaps a bit too much for my own good...).  So, since I cannot vote, I thought I would help spread the word!  I think that it's an amazing thing how fans can come together like this to make a difference.  In all honesty, I think fans don't get enough respect because I truly believe that fans are the most loyal and passionate people out there.  And that's what makes this possible.  And perhaps now people will stop seeing us as just 'fangirls' or whatever.  Keep it circulating and please help out the HP Alliance!

God Bless!!
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Emma said...

Hi Hanna!

Grace finally gave me a link to your blog; I love it! You must be pretty crazy about Rob, huh? :) He is a cutie!

Also, I was trying to figure out what you won the other night for knowing where Stephanie Meyer went to school. What was in the picture?

Thanks for reading my blog. I'll be sure to read yours too!


Hanna said...


Yes, Robbie is my Sweetie <3 ;)

It's two free movie tickets, a box of milk duds, and a thing of Twizlers. :D Yummy!!