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Friday, July 23, 2010

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

The tenth book I read this year was Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.

I've really put this review off, because I don't want to review it.  But I want to review other books I've read, so I have to get this one out of the way. 

Personally, I didn't like this book.  It was a pretty quick read due to the fact that it was written as poetry.  But I have a hard time getting through books written that way.  Added to the fact that it was historical fiction (which I'm VERY picky about), this book held little interest for me.

The story is set in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl.  Everything Billie Jo has ever known is dust.  Her whole life revolves around keeping out the dust - usually unsuccessfully - and cleaning up after a dust storm has rolled through. 

But Billie Jo never thought that one day tragedy would strike her family, and worse, a lot of people would blame her for the accident.  Billie Jo soon discovers that blame is unthinkingly put upon people based upon how an outsider views it.  Billie Jo also finds her relationship with her father is strained, because she can never forgive him for leaving that pale of kerosene by the stove.

As Billie Jo recovers from the accident, she decides she'll never again play the piano.  Especially not her Mama's piano.  As her life has and is changing desperately, Billie Jo escapes the dust.  Only to realize that what you go out looking for is never as good as what you had.  She realizes that home is home and family is family.  And dust might just have to be part of that family.

I give this story 2/5 stars. 

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Carly Gaile said...

I like the background :) And poor Karen. She's probably crying. As for what I thought of the book, I didn't like it much either. I hate sad books, and there wasnt much of a plot. I also didn't like the fact that we were forced to read it by our teachers. However, we listened to the book on casette... and it was hilarious to see how Billy Jo pronounced things. Her accent was really stupid and funny. Gotta love that part.

Hanna said...

@Carly - lucky, we had to read with partners. lol. I wish teachers could pick better books. I think the only class book I read this year that I actually liked was "The Book Thief" by Marcas Zusak.