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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Contest Winner: "Affair" by Katie Ledford

I know I haven't posted in like forever, but I've been really busy! I'm almost done reading through draft 1, I'm reading my book club book, and I'm reading my writing mentor's book, so I've kinda been slacking with the blog. Meaning, I've also forgot about the contest. There's a lot of grammar mistakes, but it's a really good story line. So here is the winner to the contest:

by Katie Ledford

She smiled as she ran to me. She missed me, I thought, thank God! I never thought that Jessica would be this excited to see me! She never wrote to me in Iraq, the whole eleven months. That’s when I needed her the most when I was in Iraq.” I thought to myself.

“Hey baby, how are you?” she giggled with a smile on her face. I reply “Great!” I was hoping that she got the point that I was a little ticked off.

“I’ve missed you so much! I feel guilty I have just been plain Jessica, while your Justin the solider.” She is still hugging me, while saying this. I am so over her not writing. I can’t stay mad over something that stupid, I love Jessica with all my heart! I will always love her no matter what!

Jessica is like a one hundred pound beautiful woman. Now she’s like one hundred and twenty-five pound beautiful woman. What I’m thinking is that she has gained some extra pounds. She pulls away from my hug.

“Baby, I’m pregnant!”

“What, don’t even brother talking to me, or giving me a ride home! I will call Jake at least he won’t have an affair with someone else.” I yelled at her!

“I heard what happened, and Mom kicked her out!” My brother and best friend, Jake, is trying to make me feel better!

"I can’t believe she would do this! I was going to marry her. I have the ring in my bag!” I’m crying at this point. The only thing of mine that belonged to her she broke. My heart.

A few days have passed and I have not come out of my room. That means I have not eaten anything! I find myself confused and lost...

“Knock, knock it’s your mother! Oh my gosh, can’t believe this!” Dropping the cookies and slapping her hand over her mouth! Jake and Dad run in and see what’s wrong. “He’s..he’s dead” My mom said crying.

I stand there, over my dead body, trying to come to terms with being dead. Could this be real? Could this be happening? And then I think about why I haven't moved on. They say ghosts stay around when they have unfinished business. Instantly I know who my unfinished business is with. Just as I am about to say her name my family speaks for me.

“I hate Jessica; she’s the reason for this!” They say eerily in unison.

Great job Katie!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

With love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

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