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Thursday, January 7, 2010


(if you live in Ohio you know why this is funny)
As anyone that has read my blog may know, usually I find snow quite beautiful and would welcome it--on any other day/week I would.  Today I was supposed to have a district Power of the Pen meet (I made the traveling team), but since school closed today, the meet is tomorrow.  Let's back up a bit.  I was kind of upset about the meet being this week because it's prep week for exams.  Math was only going to be reviewing on Thursday and Friday.  So I was going to miss one of my two review days.  Oh well, at least I'd have Friday.  But now I won't.  But school for tomorrow isn't looking to good, because it's snowed quite a lot, and I somehow doubt they'll be able to get the roads in workable conditions by tomorrow.  So no meet tomorrow (possibly) and no math review at all (for sure).  *I do have my math review packet.*  But exams are still going to be on next week, which means they can't reschedule the meet for next week. 

In other news, I decided on reading Pride and Prejudice and so far I love it!  Mr. Darcy is just as seculded and brooding as he was in the movie and Jane Austen writes in a way that is so hypnotizing and beautiful that I'm mesmerized.  But I have to be completely undistracted to read because of the old language.  But it's beautiful and book club may just have to read it. (The snow is just lovely in London-->)

Book club was supposed to be tomorrow, but I don't know if it'll work out that way.  If I do have the meet tomorrow, I won't be getting home until about 4-4:30ish.  Book club starts at 6, so I'm not sure how well that'd work out considering Power of the Pen usually runs behind schedule, especially if we have a delay.  And if we don't have school/meet tomorrow, then I don't want to have my friends get out on the roads when the schools wouldn't dare run the buses.  Perhaps I could just ask my friend to send me the title of the book and I could send it to everyone and plan to meet the first Friday in February. 

Well, I must go.  Have a wonderful and blessed (and safe, snowy) day!

With eternal love and blessings,

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