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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good News X a LOT!

Hey there my lovely readers (if there are any out there...)!  I have some wonderful news today, so while I'm procrastinating doing my reading homework (omg it's so pretty out), I figured I might as well tell you everything that I've found out that is good.  So here we go!

1. Only 19 more days until  THE DARKLY LUMINOUS FIGHT FOR PERSEPHONE PARKER BY LEANNA RENEE HIEBER comes out!  I'm totally excited, if you can't tell by my counting down the days!

2.  Only 18 more days until Leanna comes to my school!  Which I'm super excited about!  I get to see her two days in a row!  How amazing is that?!?  My friends are totally excited about it to.  I've shamelessly made my friends read it.  They started reading it because they're scared of me, they kept reading it because they loved it!

3.  My final 3rd quarter grade in math was a 91.7!  Which rounds to an A!  Yay!  I was so worried.  You see, because I'm a geek, I've had strait A's since 6th grade, so it's very important to me.  I'd like to graduate Valadictorian (Leanna Renee Hieber did--did you know that?), but there are people at my school who keep 100% in their classes, nearly the whole quarter.  Yeah... Anyway, music lab is the only class that I'm waiting on my grade.  I know I had an A in every other class. 

4.  It's nice out!  One day in Tennessee, I actually got to wear shorts and I wore shorts again today!  Yay!  This makes me so happy!  (but it dropped 20 degrees last night. :'( )

5.  I got to sleep with my window open last night which I abso-freaking-lutely adore!  Love the fresh air!

6.  I learned how to do some new stuff in the library.

7. I got my abstinence ring!

8. Most importantly, JIMMY'S HOME!!! Well, he's on leave and only for two weeks, but still!  I know that he still has about a year when he goes back to Afghanistan, but I'm seriously looking forward to seeing him (hopefully this weekend)!  I think I'm going to show him the video I made him...which I'm nervous about because I'm not sure how he'll react.  Or how I will.  But we'll see.

With that said, I should get on my homework--even if it is totally gorgeous outside!  (Okay, there are rain clouds, but, hey, an Ohioan can't complain. ;) 

"Ohio," I sighed "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change." --Hallie Pearson.

With eternal love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

p.s. I wrote this yesterday--but the countdown dates are correct.

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