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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Writer's Block (at the worst possible time)

Hey there! Ugh! I have Writer's Block...again. But this time it's at the worst possible time! I "have" to be done with my book BY TOMORROW!

Now, I know this goal will probably not be attainable. I still have 3 days to cover in my novel and there's a lot that still needs to happen. I'm totally stressed. My writing mentor's helping me through it. She's reading what I have so far and telling me what she thinks would be in the best interest of the story--which, at times, is hard for me to hear. I love my characters and story so much, but sometimes you have to deal with losing someone, and so far I'm for sure losing one character and might be losing a second one. Which is okay. I guess. They're not that important. Although, a dog might have to go too. Not sure on that yet though.

Revisions are coming up and I have a list of things right-off-the-bat that I need to change. If this ever publishes I pity the editor that has to edit it. Ha-ha. My spell check stopped working about 80 pages ago. ;)

For now, I guess I must go. I can't clean or anything because everything is clean. I could dust my bookshelf...again. I love books.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

With love and blessings,
Officially Inspired

Oh, and since I didn't get to talking much about writing today. You can check out my writing vlog on YouTube at www.youtube.com/ILuvRobPattinson. It's the featured vlog on my page--so feel free to watch those and contact me with any questions or ideas for writing vlogs at ILuvRobPattinson@gmail.com or contact me via YouTube and ask/ tell me. Also, please tell me you read my blog on blogspot.com!

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