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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Club

I decided that I could post what my book club's reading here as well. We're known as The Bookers (no comments on that please) and we are a monthly book club that meets on the first Friday of the month at my house.

Each month we take turns picking the book. Being the host I go last picking. For July I get to pick the book. So on Friday we meet and I will announce that we're going to be reading The Widow's Season by Laura Brodie. It sounds like an excellent book and the title and cover alone grabbed me before I even read the little description on borders.com. :) Here is the borders.com link to the book http://www.borders.com/online/store/TitleDetail?view=2&type=0&catalogId=10001&simple=1&rpp=25&defaultSearchView=List&keyword=The+Widow%27s+Season&LogData=%5Bsearch%3A+91%2Cparse%3A+95%5D&searchData=%7BproductId%3Anull%2Csku%3Anull%2Ctype%3A0%2Csort%3Anull%2CcurrPage%3A1%2CresultsPerPage%3A25%2CsimpleSearch%3Atrue%2Cnavigation%3A0%2CmoreValue%3Anull%2CcoverView%3Afalse%2Curl%3Arpp%3D25%26view%3D2%26all_search%3DThe%2BWidow%2527s%2BSeason%26type%3D0%26nav%3D0%26simple%3Dtrue%2Cterms%3A%7Ball_search%3DThe+Widow%27s+Season%7D%7D&storeId=13551&sku=0425227650&ddkey=http:SearchResults But I also found this link more informative http://www.lvrj.com/blogs/booknook/The_Widows_Season_an_emotional_mystery.html

Well, I need to go read and try to finish My Sister's Keeper. It has to be done by Friday. Yikes!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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